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Burleson Ex-Students Association Board Members

The Ex-Students board meets on an as needed basis. If you are planning your class reunion, we encourage you to contact us for a class member listing. Please contact us at

The Burleson Ex-Students Association is always looking for new members or volunteers. For information to become involved contact us at If you have any experience in marketing, event planning, communication, sales, computer, photography or information gathering we could use you.

2015 Officers

   Bert Henderson
Vice-President:   Christene Johnson Dunn
Secretary:   Barbara Stepan Bassham
Treasurer:   C.A. Bean

2015 Board Members

Barbara Stepan Bassham 1968
Phone: 817-295-5336

C.A. Bean 1957
Phone: 817-295-7217

Christene Johnson Dunn 1953
Phone: 817-295-2954

Gregg Erwin 1969
Phone: 817-823-5355

Bert Henderson 1967
Phone: 817-295-9264

Frank Norwood 1953
Phone: 817-295-1363

Celeste Neff Rogers 1952
Phone: 972-977-3153

Caren Nelson Sanders 1977
Phone: 817-707-5223

Betty Lou Bryson Shelton 1958
Phone: 817-412-0721

Patsy Sanders Treece 1961
Phone: 817-774-3619

Irene Johnson Watson 1953